27 August 2010

Friday U-boat, ed.1

My goal is to always send you into the weekend with something to make you chuckle. Actually, my goal is that you'll always chuckle a little bit.

My personal favorite reason to chuckle? The U-boat. U-boats are answers that are so ridiculously wrong, that you just have to share. I call them U-boats because of the first one I remember, and just had to share, was this gem.

ID Terms: Please explain what the term or person was, and why they were important to World War Two.

U-boats: U-boats U-boats were like submarines, only different. They were boats that floated under the water. They had telescopes so you could see out. They helped the germans greatly to defeat their enemas.

A classic.

But now, in light of this blog being as much about my current teaching as it is about my past, I'm going to add in work from advanced kids that makes me laugh. It may not be wrong, (in many cases it's actually really right) but it's also very funny.

So here's today's U-boat:

And yes, that is Chuck Norris kicking a wolf. Enjoy your weekend!

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