29 April 2011

Friday U-boat, ed. 12

I know that I said I'd stop doing u-boats because at heart, they were making fun of students. However, on a day when the axe of unemployment is falling heavily upon my colleagues, I thought we could all use some chuckles.

As a sort of compromise, these aren't actual quotes, but rather paraphrased versions of what I've received over the last week.

1. When asked for an event which epitomized the 1970's energy crises, the answer given was "Roe v. Wade".

2. When explaining to candidates for Student Council that their applications had been screened, the letter said that their applications had been "overlooked".

3. When tasked with staging a student protest like the ones in 1968, complete with chanting, speech giving and protest song singing, one group presented their protest via PowerPoint.

What would Bob Dylan say about that?

(well, Bob would probably say something along the lines of "Hhhhheyy, I jusht saaaaaaw, writing in thhhhhhhe skaaaaaaay", or words to that general effect. 

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