18 February 2015

Friday U-boat, ed. 10

So, all things considered, this might be my favorite image U-boat. It isn't better than the best sentence of the year, but it's probably a close second. 

It will definitely give my personal image U-boat, K-love's guide to America (and ass kicking),  a run for its money.

The assignment? Create a World War Two propaganda poster.

The result?


I don't even really know where to start.........so let's start at the beginning:

1. How are the Nazis related to flying saucers?

2. How is it that when the Nazi aliens (or "Nazaliens", as I will call them) attack us, they use a beam to transport the cows (I get this), but shouldn't the Nazaliens brand their ship instead of their tractor beam? This kind of detail bothers me.

2a. If the Swastika isn't actually a branding tool, is it being used as a giant throwing star, to kill the cow? If so, why invade the cow? You know what a dead cow is like, I assume.

2b. If the Swastika isn't a throwing star or an image, is it like the BatSignal for Nazaliens? Are more of them coming, and is that why I need to join the army?

3. How will joining the army stop the Nazi aliens from stealing our cows? Is cattle defense an army job? I think that cattle defense is actually a Civil Defense function.

4. How do you invade a cow? Is this code for a probe? Why do you need to steal it if you're invading it?

5. Why do the Nazaliens need cattle? Was European beef decimated by the war? Was this an early mad-cow outbreak? 

6. Does the U.S. Army have a cow-killing flying saucer to counter the Nazalien invention?

Well, I'd write more, but I'm heading out to join the Army, so that I can fight the invading Nazalien hordes, and protect our cattle. 

Have a good weekend.


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