14 February 2011

Celebrating VD, and what to get your favorite teacher!

That's right friends, the BlazeBlog is celebrating Valentine's Day, or as we like to call it in our offices, VD. It seems that Dr. Dick's habit of acronymizing everything just can't be contained.

Anyway, we thought that instead of ranting about idiocy, which would be easy, we would instead try our hands at creativity, with a list of things that teachers would love to get on VD (well, they wouldn't love VD, obviously; ok, they might love Valentine's Day, but not the other VD)

Without further herpes related confusion, our list of things that teachers love:

(caution, some links may contain early 90's content or messges, and will be unsuitable or unfunny to younger audiences.)

1. Snow Day.

2. Parents who aren't crazy.

3. A kid who doesn't do homework. Seems counterintuitive, since we're always telling kids to do their homework, but the kid who doesn't do the work is the kid whose work doesn't need to get graded.

4. A school board that stays out of the way.

5. Taxpayers who vote yes on bonds.

6. People who vote against Mitch Daniels.

7. 2 hour delays

8. Staff meetings that include the words "Happy Hour".

9. Planning hour.

10. A kid who turns in ridiculous work.

11. Janitors.

12. The dismissal bell.

13. The phrase "lunch is on your own, take an hour".

14. Spring Break.

15. Summer summer summertime

Hope your VD is fun, or at least not painful!

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