25 February 2011

Friday U-boat, ed. 11

Before we get to today's U-boat, let me explain why most of them have been removed. In the wake of the Natalie Munroe brouhaha, I examined (with the "encouragement" of my lovely wife, herself a former teacher) why I blog the things I blog.

The larger philosophical things I write about because I'm hoping to start a conversation. I'm hoping you read the BlazeBlog, and you start to think about why we teach the way (and things) we do.

The personal anecdotes I tell because I think they're funny. It's also a valuable way for me to vent my otherwise blood-pressure-elevating irrational anger.

But the U-boats are a problem. You see, I like them. I think that they're great. They drive traffic to the site. People like them. But they're also mean spirited. I have been willing, in the anonymity of the Internets, to say things about students I would not have said to their faces.

So, I've decided to stop. I'll still post stuff that's funny, but not because it's dumb. I'll post stuff like K-Love's Bodaciously American Guide to the American Revolution, but I'm done with the ones that make you wonder what the hell the writer was even attempting to say.

It is a little sad, since I currently have one in the hopper that involves a Nazi-Alien, or as I call it, a Nazalien.

In that light, I present you with a student produced video that made me giggle. The message is even good. Read a book.

That Waldo, he's so Corny!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love it! Also, some very interesting commentary about the recent Natalie Munroe "brouhaha". Thank you for an awesome blog that always entertains!

  2. Also, we realized that we need to visit the iTunes store...

  3. In order to fullfill my U-boat addiction. Here is a link.