08 February 2011

An ode to the snow day

Today I want to begin with a little poetry. In tribute to some summer camp fun, I present the Snow Day Poetry Corner. 

A Pair of  "Sno-Kus"

Snow Day, I love you
White, Cold, full of happiness
Please come more often

We don't work today
Some Big-wig says roads are bad
I stay home and nap

What could inspire such insipid "poetry"? The greatest of national holidays: The Snow Day

I have, for my entire life, lived in places where it snows. Sometimes, it snows there a lot. So, as both a student and a teacher, I have spent most of my life yearning for that special something that brings joy to boys and girls and only comes in the winter. No, not him. Not even Old St. Nick. 

No, I have waited, with baited breath, anticipating the Snow Day.

Everyone has their own routine. My wife, when she taught, spent her time poring over the internet, watching local and national weather, consulting radar maps. She made an educated decision, and then a prediction. Some children (and adults) do snow dances, or flush ice cubes down the toilet. I personally believe in the jinx. I won't talk about a Snow Day, and if snow is forecast, and we don't get a day, I blame those who did speak openly about it.

Why? Because the Snow Day is a mystical beast. And, oh yes, I will capitalize "Snow Day". Why? Because the Snow Day deserves to be recognized as a holiday. 

Now, I think we all understand why students love the Snow Day. It is a day free from responsibilities. A day to relax. That's actually also why teachers love it so much. 

You may wonder why a Snow Day is better than taking a day off. I'll try to explain the glory that is the Snow Day:

1. The Snow Day is unexpected. Surprise paid days off are always good.

2. You don't have to plan and grade on a Snow Day. Since you thought you were coming into work, you didn't bring home piles of grading! Win.

3. You get to act like a real adult. Last night, instead of a hobby, you were grading. Sunday, before the big game, you were planning the week. Yesterday, you got to pee during your 5 minute passing period. Today? Well you can watch morning TV, write on your blog, maybe even take a nap. Since you already had today prepped at school, you can even do it guilt free. If the roads are bad for 16 year old drivers and buses, but OK for you, you can even go out for lunch.

The Snow Day is also the chance for those of us who suffer through the cold and dark of winter, being taunted by our friends from warmer climes about their temperate lives, pictures of them in T-shirts and shorts in February, to have the last laugh. Suckers who live in warm places have to go to work every scheduled day. Not us. Sometimes, we just stay home.
So, as you sit in your office, reading the internet, know that somewhere people are wishing, and hoping, and praying for that 4 a.m. phone call.  

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  1. Well, at least I got to be in my short sleeve shirt while I read this.